Having your world shaken up and become so unsafe at a very early age completely changes your whole world view, that what you mostly do in this lifetime is to try to find safety and a way to feel safe on this earth. Registered Somatic Movement therapist and educator Donnalea Goelz was molested twice, at the age of three and then at the age of five, which made her gravitate toward studying things that will help the issue of trauma. She brings together a lifetime of training in various healing modalities and therapies and is currently involved in research projects about somatic healing which is healing through movement and understanding the brain. Donnalea marries her love of understanding the scientific aspects through research with experiential somatic work. As a dancer, movement has always been a significant part of her life and her healing. Donnalea says movement is how she came to safety. She would go out and dance her prayers. When the world became really horrible when I was very young, she could go out and dance and would literally tell her mother she was going out and dancing for God.