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T TRIBE is Created and owned by, Tamar Maoz,

A mother of three beautiful babes, wife, artist/designer, woman of the earth.
Tamar, stands for the “T” in T. TRIBE.
Born in Brooklyn, lived in New York, Tel-Aviv, Philadelphia and then landed on a ranch in New Jersey. Growing up in a family business, Working in the Fashion/Footwear industry for over 2 decades, constantly evolving designs and gathering much inspiration from travels around the world, nature, art history and everyday moments, that “feel beautiful.”
Tamar attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and School of Visual Arts for Fine Arts and Interior Design. While living abroad in Tel-Aviv, she attended a year in Shenkar University for Fashion Design, and worked as a the Head stylist and creative force in one of the top modeling agencies. Living in Soho, New York, in the 90’s, she was creating one of a kind unique hand made clothing, leather handbags, jewelry, accessories and sold them in boutiques and fairs in New York City, which later was sold internationally online exclusively on her then website.
—–“Only after having my dream tribe, three young babes, 2 fur babes, and best friend and husband; “MY” TRIBE, I then was able to manifest my dream of sharing my designs with the world in the form of T. TRIBE.” I started T TRIBE, because I want the chance to offer stylish, inclusive, ethical and sustainable fashion. It’s not ok to be a brand that limits sizing and styles. Every woman should own pieces that inspire her on a daily basis. honestly and from a place of pure good ethical practices.”
All while battling aggressive overlapping autoimmune diseases and extraordinary chronic pain the last 5 years.

Much Love & Light…….

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