On this Gratitude:UnFiltered brought to you by Vitamin Patch Club and Joys’s Organic’s please welcome Shannon Bierek…..

Shannon Bierek is on a mission to empower woman to bust through their self sabotage mindset, by helping them gain clarity, self-love, and confidence. Formerly depressed, suicidal, and running from her problems at the bottom of a bottle, Shannon has invested in several masterminds, has attended many self improvement events, seminars, workshops, and conferences in order to understand herself on a deeper level, and to find out what her passion is.

Highly spiritual, Shannon loves to meditate, use palosanto on her crystals and stones, and have deep conversations with all she comes in contact with in order to dig down and figure out how to help people unlock what their soul is calling for.

Shannon hopes to encourage and inspire anyone who has been stuck standing in their own way, and to end the victim mentality they hold within themselves.

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