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We educate Network Marketers on what’s needed in a business in order to generate long-term residual income.
After building large downlines of over 5,000+ in MLM that eventually fell down to only 56 active, we went on a mission to figure out why this happened.
After lots of researching, and interviewing other top leaders who had similar experiences, we figured out the problem. More importantly we came across the solution. If you’re going to generate long-term residual income you must have ALL the “12 Essential Factors” in place.
So many Network Marketers have said that the “12 Essential Factors” gave them the clarity they needed after years of struggling to create a reliable residual income… and now they finally understand WHY.
Many have gone on to create sustainable long-term residual income.

The multilevel marketing (MLM) industry has never fulfilled its promise on long-term residual income for the masses. 95% of network marketers fail and it has nothing to do with not having enough leads. This information is very powerful and it...
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The Herbalife settlement with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)is a signal that the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry is in big trouble. Herbalife, the multi-level marketing giant selling health and personal care products, has agreed to pay a substantial amount and...
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So many people in the multilevel marketing industry struggle and find it hard to earn long-term residual income. What happens commonly in the industry as a whole lies in the concept of the 80/20 rule. Multilevel marketing loses the 80-percenters,...
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