The story of a woman named Grace is something we can all relate to. Grace is an adult living in Texas and she was a first-time homeowner about two years ago. As soon as she signed the mortgage papers, she had every home security company on earth descending on their new home pretty much the day after they moved in. One particular home security system salesperson broke the plastic button that you push on the doorbell after ringing it too many times and frustrated that she’s not answering. Grace was unable to get a replacement after checking out the usual places – Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware – and finally thought about having it 3D printed. She takes the whole doorbell unit and dropped it off at this company. Two days later, the doorbell was ready for pickup. It’s fixed, it worked, but it was not what she had expected. This goes to show that having something 3D printed isn’t as simple as finding somebody with a 3D printer and giving them a few bucks. Learn some important points you need to discuss with your 3D print maker to make sure you’re on the same page and getting what you want.

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