Buying used cars for cash until you get to the point where you’re making so much money, you write a check for a new car, or living in a one-bathroom, tiny little home for seventeen years, saving and saving until someday you can live on a three-story home on a private ski lake and have the home of your dreams, that’s delayed gratification. As you’re delaying that personal instant satisfaction, you’re able to put money aside in a physical and an emotional bank and you allow them to accrue until it overtakes what you need. Applying that business, you might want to hire out and get all these people to do your marketing and you only got so much money in the bank, but yet you always leverage your bank account and hire out all these people. A lot of these types of mistakes end up crushing companies. Learn some tips on how delayed gratification and compounded work effort can help you until you can bring on the big boys.

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