On today’s episode, Cody talks to Sylvia about dog health and dog behaviors. Growing up, she took business in College which led her later in years to work managing a Veterinary Hospital. It was there that her initial interest in basic animal husbandry, training and behavior was able to be nourished by learning some of the best behavior experts.

Sylvia currently owned and operated Walkabout Canine Consulting since 1995 providing clients with training, behavior, counselling, pet sitting, dog walking, in home boarding, and grooming services.

She has lived in many areas of the country working at several veterinary hospitals, volunteered for rescues, shelters and managed a shelter behavior department implementing behavior protocols. Her love for animals started as a child and started her career as a dog walker and lover at the age of 12 waiting for her best pals be ready for having a good time.

Sylvia will also talk about herself as a pet-owner and how she became very conscientious about her dogs health and behavior.

Learn more about Walkabout Canine Consulting, here: http://walkaboutcanine.com