“If we don’t make changes, it’s going to be ugly when our time comes.” – The Hurricane

If there is one business to pick from among all of the choices you can invest in, that would definitely be home care marketing. The “silver tsunami” is invading the healthcare, and it’s about time to be aware and be prepared. Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss, the Founder of Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, reveals why the home care industry is worth the investment. His company is the only marketing company providing expert knowledge on all things related to sales and marketing in the home care industry and has taken the world by storm helping companies catapult their businesses to the next level and beyond. A very inspirational and passionate figure, Steve drops massive knowledge bombs on how he helps businesses double or triple their revenues and how to be successful at selling even if you weren’t born with the talent. On top of that, find out the role of power partners, tips to overcome self-doubt, and The Institute for Dignity and Grace.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • How to be successful at selling (5:39)
  • Why Steve is called The Hurricane (12:20)
  • Why home care is one of the best businesses to get into (13:31)
  • How you can get better at getting referrals (18:12)
  • Keys to The Hurricane’s growth and success (24:48)
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