It is a universal fact that dogs are man’s best friend. But there are times when cats can do a better job, like purring to make your brain feel lighter. The story of Sophia the bionic cat starts with army veteran Karolyn Smith who had a difficult time transitioning from her service. Both Sophia and Karolyn were disabled and chose each other as they keep moving forward with their lives. Just like Karolyn’s life was saved by technology, she wanted to do the same to Sophia who was found with her umbilical cord tied to her paw. The vets had to amputate the leg. With the help of 3D printing, Karolyn gave her a second chance in life with her prosthetic leg that shed more light to 3D printing innovation. Karolyn shares her inspiring story and how she didn’t let her lack of experience and lack of technology stop her from being an entrepreneur.

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