We’ve got a really fantastic guest for you today. This is one of our favorite people; one of our absolute favorite people to talk to, to connect with, so happy to have him us a client, just a joy to work with and talk with and interview. His name is John Livesay. He has The Successful Pitch Podcast among other things. John has this amazing ability to connect. He is great at introductions and always introducing me to the most interesting people and they’re always right on. Sometimes when I get an email from him I’m like, “Do I really want to interview yet another VR, AR expert?” I’m like, “But John did the introduction, of course I’m going to follow through.” I go and do it and it turns out to be the coolest person I’ve ever met with the coolest space and the coolest equipment and now I have to go see it. That’s just an example. It has always for me, follow the path, the connection. You may not understand why he’s making the connections for you, but the connections are brilliant. That’s what he really does well on his show.

Let us give you a little more of his specific background. John is known as The Pitch Whisperer. We have to say, that phrase was coined by Tracy. She coined it when she wrote an article about him. For those of you who have listened to the Ego Bait episode, it was pre Ego Bait that she called him that. It gave us the idea for it. It stuck too because he used that quote on the cover of his book. You’ll hear him talk about it. He is now The Pitch Whisperer. He helps sales people become magnetic storytellers with the ability to make irresistible offers to their ideal clients. That’s his goal. He’s also an amazing keynote speaker. He does it at corporations and increases sales from it. It’s in settings ranging from Gensler’s top management retreat where he’s speaking to these corporations to speaking to Coca-Cola’s CMO Summit. He’s the author of The Successful Pitch, which is the same name as his podcast. It’s Conversations on Going from Invisible to Investible.

It’s always been one of our favorite phrases, is that he’s teaching you how to pitch yourself from invisible to investible. In reality, that’s what he’s done with the show. That’s why we wanted to have him on the show. He started with podcasting which to him at the time, and you’ll hear him talk about it, it was a daunting task. It was a couple of years ago. He didn’t know how to do it. He was nervous about it and apprehensive about asking guests to be on his show, probably a lot of the same things that any new podcaster goes through. At the time, it’s like when we started. There was a bunch of people who had just started podcasting and put out courses and books but it wasn’t as formal as it is now where there’s all these courses that you can take and all these programs that you can do and you can learn how to podcast. Back then, we were on our own. It was like the Wild West.

John, like we and many podcasters at the time, started with a certain format or idea in mind about what their podcast was. As we all grow as podcasters, we pivoted as to what some of the focus was, some of the format was. That’s part of John’s story today is the most interesting, is to hear how he started and why he started his podcast was for a very good purpose to market and grow his business. Then, what he’s doing with it today is helping catapult him in the next evolution, much bigger evolution of his business. He’s managed it. That’s why we wanted to use him as the successful model for you today, is because we really see what he’s done. He’s integrated it into the core of his platform, of his business, of the way that he runs his business, of the way he operates it, of the way he enjoys it. He has passion for it. It’s become an anchor and the base for everything that he does.

He now is on television a lot. He’s got many, many television appearances for pitching his book and his podcast and that he is the speaker. He is a sought after personality to have on television. His big thing is how to ask for what you want and get a yes. Isn’t that really what we’re all after in one way or another?

You’re really going to enjoy this interview with John because as podcasters, whether you’re new or seasoned, the reality is you are in it for a reason and he is a great model or someone to model. He’s gone through a process to model of how you can use podcasting as a business tool, as a marketing tool, as a platform building tool, as all of those things. Let’s go to the interview.

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