“I couldn’t win by playing by the rules, so I had to break them and make up my own.” – Mike Koenigs

If you’re a go-getter and suddenly news crashed you have cancer, how do you process and conquer that cruel reality? Cancer survivor, serial entrepreneur, and thirteen-time #1 bestselling author Mike Koenigs imparts what is in Cancerpreneur that makes it something else from his other books. A philanthropist and celebrity advisor, he reveals how he came to do deals with celebrities like Tony Robbins and Paula Abdul. Moreover, discover how he went from being a renegade kid to owning the first ever interactive digital media agency that is signing Fortune 500 companies. He also touches on exiting businesses, the Just Like My Child Foundation, and his passion for movies, space, and aeronautics.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • Mike’s epic battle with colorectal cancer (03:03)
  • What’s a Cancerpreneur (14:50)
  • How Mike made money programming in his teens (21:12)
  • How to maximize your company’s value and exit right (31:18)
  • How to get the attention of influencers and celebrities (35:10)
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