On today’s episode, Cody speaks with Marilyn Pianelli of Headlight Harness. Marilyn shares her story of how she and her husband created the Headlight Harness and how this revolutionary product will help keep you and your dog safe at night during walks.

Marilyn Pianelli has spent many successful years in finance and sales and is now enthusiastic about her most recent venture as an entrepreneur in the pet industry. With a Finance and Computer and Information Sciences degree from Rider University,Marilyn is currently the Director of Broker Dealer and Institutional Sales at Alternative Executions, while pursuing her brand Headlight Harness LLC; an innovative and game-changing product for pet owners.

In 2014, Marilyn had a frightening experience as she was walking her dogs late one night. Her Black Terrier managed to wiggle free from his harness to chase a cat. He charged across the street and was almost struck by an oncoming car that never saw him due to the dark, suburban neighborhood that had poorly lit streets. Thankfully her beloved dog was safe, but Marilyn quickly realized that this is a scenario that plays out all too often and many pet families are not as fortunate. She also became aware of the great risk and danger that low light conditions and poor visibility puts both pets and their owners in.

Marilyn began searching for a safe lighting option to take on walks, but she soon discovered that nothing existed on the market that met her expectations. It was then that an idea sparked in her mind. Marilyn and her husband, Peter, spent the next year designing developing and producing the Headlight Harness, which provides dog owners with a clever solution to brighten up their path to see the area ahead, while simultaneously keeping both owner and dog safe.

In 2015 Headlight Harness LLC was born. Today, it has helped thousands of pet owners across the country walk safely at night. Marilyn’s creation has filled a giant void in the pet industry and continues to grow by the day. With her knowledge and skills in finance and sales along with her love for animals, there’s no doubt that the sky is the limit for Marilyn and the future of Headlight Harness!

Learn more about Headlight Harness: https://www.headlightharness.com/.