Is there a secret to living life fearlessly? The game changers, the people who are incredibly successful in life – they understand that failure is part of the process. With the right mindset, failure can be truly liberating. Racquel Walters discusses ideal life and career strategies with a twist: facing the fear of failure head-on instead of trying to avoid it. Always note that you have whatever potential inside of you to make changes to your life. Learn how to break down limiting beliefs so you, too, can manifest the dream life you’ve always wanted!

Racquel Walters is a Career & Relationship Consultant, and Co-host of the Konnect & Elevate Podcast. As a Licensed Medical Social Worker & Therapist. she has worked in one of the top hospitals in New York City. With a strong belief in advocating for women, Racquel makes it her mission to help more women live on purpose, make a strong, positive impact in their ideal careers, and live their lives to the fullest.

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