In this episode, Kurt speaks with Ines Lebow about being able to change companies from within using positive change and transforming by using tried and true strategies and a platform called Phello. Ines founded Enterprise Transformation Solutions (ETS) to leverage her vast 30+ years’ expertise offering Global Operational Improvement Program Leadership, and Business Turnaround Engagements focused on improving the health and effectiveness of Business Operations. ETS offers executives a reliable, holistic, and realistic way forward, no matter what their current status. Ines focuses on companies in need of transforming operations, fueling revenue growth, optimizing profits, turning around their businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the Enterprise space. She is known as an Operations Turnaround specialist with a fast -track record delivering revenue generation and implementation, P&L growth, business management and engineering leadership both domestically and Internationally. Her long history of hands- on 24×7 experience and work in Senior Executive roles in Telecommunications and Technology has shown her how to get the most revenue for her clients. Her extensive experience in multi-site Operations Turnaround management has demonstrated that every business can be examined, diagnosed and improved and thrive. Ines has built a framework to review the business, identify the underlying problems, create a solution strategy, map and document processes and execute the transformation plan working with the leadership team. Ines’s high-level accomplishments include $800 million in revenue implementation, $46million in revenue generation, served 100,000 customers and managed 2,000 employees. The company’s turnaround ranges from pre-revenue, new entity start-up to $500M. She has managed 11 Mergers and Acquisitions transactions. Companies in which Ines led operational turnarounds include Accenture, Xspedius, Broadsoft, MegaPath, SkyTerra, WorldCom, MFS, Brooks Fiber Properties, Contel ASC, Viatel, CFN Services and AM3. Nine of the 12 companies had successful exists. Ines has appeared on the Arnett Repot and MDTV. She is an expert speaker on Change Management and has presented at the Leaders of the Roundtable. She has a bachelor’s degree and 2 master’s degrees from American University where she coaches the Entrepreneurial program and is a judge for the George Washington new venture competition. She serves on numerous Board of Director positions and advisory boards and is fluent in Spanish. Feel free to reach out to Ines Lebow at