Your written word must be persuasive and disruptive if you want your emails, memos, letters, proposals, web copy, and presentations to win the deal. In this Selling Disruption Show, you’ll learn how to make your writing connect and be compelling.

Our show guest, David Garfinkel who helps individuals and groups make their advertising more effective. He’s helped copywriters and businesses in more than 100 industries increase profits. His book Breakthrough Copywriting is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Way back in 2004, he created and published the first widely used set of Copywriting Templates.

Since 1993, sales letters he’s written have brought in as much as $40 million to one business. These days, he doesn’t write that often for clients, though. His main client work is coaching professional copywriters, business owners, and in-house copywriters for organizations. Many of his professional copywriter clients have reached the top of their respective fields and businesses he’s worked with have added millions of dollars to their bottom lines.