What’s the best way to get prospects to pay attention to you? Be relevant! Learn how to do the research, and more importantly, position what you find to capture your prospect’s attention.

Sam Richter is a guru on the inside secrets of Sales Intelligence, Social Selling / social media, online reputation management, and personal branding. Sam helps salespeople and business professionals make more money by being more relevant. He delivers motivating and entertaining keynote presentations and workshops — that’s where I first met Sam and he blew me away. I thought I was a research master, he showed me tricks that make a huge difference.

Sam curates an online learning and resource center, http://knowmorecenter.com/ to help people discover new business opportunities, generate more qualified leads, gain permission to ask more probing questions, provide more value, and win more business. This guy will write a search engine at the drop of a hat to help you find the information, the people, and the opportunity to disrupt your sales.

He wrote the book Take the Cold out of Cold Calling… currently available in downloadable form from SamRichter.com