Everyone’s been talking about tech disruption for twenty-some years now since The Innovator’s Dilemma came out. However, there’s another order of disruption happening and that is the customer experience disruption. We’re moving to this place where people don’t just want to have experiences of feel good, they want to be transformed. They want to become different better people. They want to change their self-identity. That disruption, regardless of technology, service, product, is a lasting change. We used to look at the whole idea of disruptive technology as essentially about creating new features and lowering prices. Tony Bodoh, co-author of ProphetAbility, says we’re no longer competing on those issues anymore. We’re now competing on the experience a person is having and how you move them from point A to point B to point C so that they become this different person. Tony says the key thing to knowing what your customers want to buy next or where they’re going to be in the future is understanding who they want to become. That will lead you down a path of creating differentiation compared to your competitor, and ultimately giving them not just the experience but especially the transformation they’re looking for.