I met Stu Heinecke though an envelope that I received in the mail about 30 years ago. Printed on the envelope was a cartoon of two distinguished looking gentlemen. The caption said, “Have you seen the latest Journal? It’s all Mark Smith this and Mark Smith that… and nothing about us.” Of course I opened the envelope. That envelope and cartoon;was Stu’s creation. Fast forward 30 years to today and Stu and I enjoy sharing ideas and stories.

I always enjoy my conversations with Stu, he’s thoughtful, intelligent, brilliant, creative, and humble. A long-time cartoonist, no doubt you’ve seen his work in the Wall Street Journal amongst other places. Stu recently published a book that I hold up in many of my speaking events… yes it’s that good… titled “How to Get A Meeting with Anyone” and he means it! Stu can work with you to get a meeting with darn near anyone you want.