People want to do business with companies they can trust, that they like, and that they feel good about. A lot of that is based on the personality of the executives that represent those companies, the executive person of interest. You look at a Richard Branson with Virgin Airlines. People like to do business with Virgin because they like Richard Branson. That’s the power of an effective personal brand. We see this personal brand mattering more and more for companies these days in terms of market share. It’s the same as small businesses. You don’t have to be out there and be the public face of your company if you’re the CEO, but there are great opportunities if you dive into that. Even with small businesses, there’s an amazing opportunity for somebody to go out, talk about their company, become a personal brand and use that to grow their business. Josh Steimle, founder and CEO of MWI, an international digital marketing agency, says that’s how he grew his business. Josh teaches on how to become an executive person of interest and the importance of personal branding to scale your company and attract top clients.