With all the busyness in our daily grind, we’re all looking for the answers on how to avoid burnout. Why do we experience burnout anyway? One of the most common reasons why people get burnout is because they say yes too much. We say yes to avoid conflict, or we want to be a nice person, or we just want to get through the day. When we say yes too often, we take on too many obligations that are not productive for us, that may not be in alignment with what we’re trying to do and don’t help us get to our goals. That’s when we experience symptoms of burnout and basically we get stressed. International speaker, author, and radio show host Dr. Emily Letran works with business professionals and entrepreneurs streamline their business, increase their profits and win back time from work so they can enjoy more time with their family, their children and pursuing other passions. Learn how you can leverage from her business strategies and tips on how to avoid using yes and focus more on no.

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