There are several markets now that are very viable for 3D printing, and that’s what Steve Crimi, CEO of Goldsol, Inc., is looking at right now. Steve, along with his business partner and wife, Brenda, sells lots of different products on Amazon in particular. He has spent his lifetime owning and operating successful businesses in the industries of electrical, energy efficiency, and LED lighting. Steve recognizes that 3D-printed end-use products, not just prototyping, are here to stay, and it’s a very big market in and of itself. Very recently, the US government is charging product importers a tariff of 10% percent, increasing to 25% at the beginning of next year. The vast majority of products purchased in the United States being imported, Steve knows importation may just not be cost effective anymore. Steve takes a look at how import tariffs may accelerate 3D-printed consumer goods.

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