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Herman The Extraterrestrial

There are so many reasons why extraterrestrials choose to incarnate on planet earth. Some have agendas to seek power and change the world for good or evil, or to become superstars in the entertainment world. There are as many reasons as there are pleasures and pain in this world. We come to experience it all, and until this moment in time prudence has guided our decision to remain hidden from public scrutiny.

If you think about it; earth is a planet that requires specific types of physical bodies that resonate in harmony with Her electromagnetic field of energy. She holds the genetic codes of trillions upon trillions of flora and fauna, diverse oceanic lifeforms, and all life that has ever walked the land — She defines the lifeforms by Her vibration. We understand this and fix our vibrations to harmonize with earth, knowing the dangers of merging/bringing LIFE to these physical bodies in choosing to incarnate on earth. The physical energy is powerful, as well as the human mind’s influence on the perception of Its experiences, causing many to become trapped within the cycle of time, one physical body after another for millions of years; fifty to one hundred years at a time. Once embroiled, it is nearly impossible to distinguish Self — the extraterrestrial — from the so-called natural human beings.

So, the question is; how does One prove Self to be an extraterrestrial, in a world where everyone sees Self, as a human being? And not just any-old human beings, because the humanoid form is prevalent throughout the universe (seeing they were manufactured by the same entity), these are state of the art, highly specialized, bio-electrical, bio-degradable, self-replicating autonomous, experience generators. These bodies, this planet are also considered a miracle — beyond the wildest imaginings of the entities who call themselves the gods of this universe, who stand in awe what has spawned on earth.

So, after 65-years of living, in-cog-Negro so to speak, knowing — NOT believing — in my own extraterrestrial/other-worldly origins, determined to remain within the world of fiction, 2016 happened and all bets were off. The dawning of a New World in which all things were possible had just begun.

And suddenly, I had the most incredible/brilliant epiphany realizing, it was not necessary to prove my extraterrestrial origins, but rather we needed to convince as many as will listen, that none of us actually originated/evolved on planet Earth. We all came from somewhere else — we are ALL extraterrestrials and so much more!

In this Age — the Age where man dreams of Transhumanism and replacing Self with robots and smart gadgets, while dumbing down the humans to see themselves as nothing more than expendable/replaceable rats in virtual cages, or sinners in need of salvation unless you see their light or die! Please…!

It is time to cast off all fear of embracing the Extraterrestrial within each one of us, which really means daring to embrace the power of our own Individualized Immortal Spark of the ALL there is, ever was, and ever will be.

NIKOLA TESLA: “One day man will connect his apparatus to the very wheelwork of the universe… and the very forces that motivate the planets in their orbits and cause them to rotate will rotate his own machinery.”

It is easy to imagine Tesla was primarily talking about all the electronic gadgets men have facilitated to tap into this “wheelwork of the universe”, but remember, the human body is an apparatus as well. An apparatus brought to life by a Spark of the power of the universe — you! You don’t have to ascend, elevate, kneel, or prostrate. All you have to do is be open to the possibility that there’s a lot more to you, than meets the eye.

Herman The Extraterrestrial, is the perfect Podcast Navigator to take you on the journey to discovering the universe within these magnificent apparatus made from the stars and Earth — the Magnificent Human Race and the “Extraterrestrial” in you.

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