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    Here you will find common FAQs and how to videos.

    Client Call 3/30/2018

    Upgraded Recording Equipment Tour

    Upgraded Recording Equipment Tour

    Part 1   Part 2

    Podcast Set Up Guided Tour

    Please watch the following video to see a guided tour of our podcast set up dashboard.  

    How to Insert and Swap Ads

    Client Call 2/23/2018

    Client Call 1/26/2017

    Example Websites

    Healthcare - Healing Pain Podcast Real Estate - The Note Closers Show Business - The Unshackled Owner Sports - Full Force Life Coaches - Your First Thousand Clients Celebrity - The Influencers Podcasting/Branding - Feed Your Brand

    How to Set Up Your Guest for Podcast Success

    Client Webinar 11/20

    Brandcasting You Recording Training

    Download the Recording Checklist Here

    Guest Communication and Scheduling Templates

    Guest Solicitation Email Template Guest Scheduling Email Template Interview Booking Form Template Guest Prep Tip Email Template Podcast Is Live Email Template

    Brandcasting You Client Webinar 10/27

      For email and booking forms mentioned in the video see the help resources post here.  

    Tracy’s Social Master Class

    Tracy held a Facebook Live Social Master Class in 10/25. We have reposed it here for your convenience. You can download Tracy's Social Master Class Slides Here.

    Client Webinar 9/29/2017

    This was our first ever Client Webinar. We had some technical difficulties so bare with us! This webinar will have once a month on the last Friday of every month.    

    Guided Tour of The Customer Dashboard

    Please view this video to learn how to use the customer dashboard. In this video, we describe all the buttons and their functions.