“Successful people don’t wait for things to fall into place. They say yes and everything falls into place for them.” - Gary Wilson


In this episode:

Yes, you can invest in real estate without a single cent as down payment. In this episode, Director of Training and Product Development for MyInvestmentServices.com, Gary Wilson, introduces you to strategies for getting into real estate creatively, including no money down strategies. Here, you will discover the number one thing you must do if you want to do rental properties – and odds are if you’re just getting started, you aren’t doing it. If you want to think creatively and put together deals, Gary’s strategy will help change your mindset. You are also going to learn about a creative financing strategy that allows you to write a check to a buyer, making it a cash deal for them and giving you the most leverage in negotiating power. You’re going to want to hear this strategy because it’s all about being creative in any business that you do. Read More »



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