Hey folks Ken Courtright here with Today’s Growth Growing Business Today. This is episode 61 we’re calling this “Going 6 Wide”. I want to start out by saying thank you. I was looking at the stats in Bluebrry and the podcast listeners have tripled since the end of February. We have done zero marketing it is strictly word of mouth, a viral effort. What does going 6 wide mean? It means that I’ve asked myself 6 times how are we going to double business, how are we going to double sales. Not only that, when I go into a client’s office there is always “how are we gonna” question. Like How are we going to do “X”. This takes me to our Digital Footprint event and by far the most popular segment that occurs on Sunday is the “What would you do exercise?” We create a listing of chairs and we have a panel of our experts that run a global business, have a industry leading business or are know business mentors answering question about business challenges from the audience. Listen on for more about Ken and how he thinks 6 wide.

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