Hey guys Ken Courtright here with Today’s Growth Growing Business Today. I’m in my office in beautiful Minooka it’s Memorial Day and what a beautiful day. I want to take a moment to recognize our veterans and the people that risk their lives on a daily basis in our armed services. We just got done doing a 3 part series on the “ask is everything” and I want to piggyback that idea and transfer it to the interview or hiring process. After speaking to all of the business owners we’ve spoken to especially ones that realize explosive growth there isn’t a single one of them that doesn’t have an exceptional team behind them. I know we do. There is a certain protocol, a certain set of questions we ask of potential employees that really weed the would be hire from the people we do take on. I think all starts with Dr. Steven Covey’s notion that you should seek to understand before you are understood. Quite often in an interview we are so eager to make sure the prospective employee knows our company and our overall plan that we fail to understand the employee’s motivations behind interviewing. Listen on as Ken explains some killer interview questions that can save you a ton of headaches in the future.

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