Hey guys Ken Courtright from Today’s Growth Growing Business Today. This episode 59 part three of the ask is everything with a subtitle of Build it First. We are hitting every possible angle that can effect a business. I think we can agree that the book Think and Grow Rich was the book that started the age of the mastermind group. It was a book about collective wisdom, get you in the challenge, can’t get you out of the challenge. That being said I believe there is a lot to be said about seeking and asking for mentorship. There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for that mentorship no matter who you are. Mentors don’t come to you, you have to ask for it. Here is a comparison, 90% of all business loans require you to write a business plan. Lots of times the bank never reads them however, you have to build something before you ask for the loan. After you forecast, speculate, dream you give the plan to the bank and ask them for the money. Listen on as Ken recounts speaking to a high end marketer about getting links from 7 government agencies.

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