Hey guys Ken Courtright here with Today’s Growth Growing Business Today. We are trying to hit every small aspect of what it takes to grow a business. Today we have are second part of a series called The Ask Is Everything. I wasn’t real clear on how to earn the right to ask for the order. So I want to take some time to clear that up before I jump back into the meat of the topic. When it comes to earning the right to ask for the order I call it the “right to sell” and it’s based on our websites “right to succeed” motto. I think if I frame it around that you’ll better understand the concept. What give you the right to sell, right now with how information moves trust factors are the key. It is imperative that we give our potential customers what they need to buy from us. Websites need to have third party endorsements, local press media and a well done sketch cartoon or video helps as well. Listen on as Ken dives deeper into “The Ask”.

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