Hey guys Ken Courtright here from Today’s Growth Growing Business Today. This the podcast that takes a look at everything and anything that affects businesses from every angle. This one is gonna be an awesome podcast. This one is titled “The Ask Is Everything”. My next book Guerilla Marketing will be my longest and it is titled “The Success Wheel” and I have a podcast that will be dedicated just to that book. The following book will be titled “The Ask is Everything”. I’m gonna do a series on this subject and they are about how you ask for something dictates everything. In the old days when someone put on their suit, went to the phone book, booked an appointment and did a presentation. You built value in that presentation until the value equaled two times the price. The questions you asked, the feedback you got built value and when you thought it was worth two times the price you were trained to ask for the order or AFO. Listen on as Ken talks about the art of asking for the order in the days of hyper connections and technology.

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