Hey guys Ken Courtright here with Todays Growth Growing Business Today. This is episode 56 and I’m dealing with a bit of allergies today so bare with me. The name of this podcast is “Customers Need to Connect” In the early 1960’s ABC was the newest network TV channel and they landed their biggest contract at the time; NCAA Football games. The problem was is that no one watched college football at the time. If you lived in Ohio you did watch what Illinois was doing. People went to the games. They were very excited about the potential but they knew it was a challenge. There was one young employee that thought he was up for the challenge and his name was Roone Arledge. He wrote a 2 page letter to ABC brass about why people didn’t care about watching college football on TV but added suggestions on how he thought the newtwork could change things around. Listen on as Ken explains how customers, viewers, listeners need to connect.

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