Hey everyone Ken Courtright here from Today’s Growth Growing business today. This podcast is called Need To Be Heard. After being on Bill McCluskey’s excellent customer service podcast which will be out in June. After being on the podcast the question’s Bill asked made me go back and want to change this one. This podcast revolves around your customer’s and your clients “need to be heard”. It’s a physical need. Many of you know we have two sides to the company, one side builds authority sites for authors, professionals etc. and the Income Store takes people who are not necessary an authority but they could be, we take their investment and buy a website that is already earning money and split the profit 50/50. In both of the these companies we overlay an operating agreement with a guarantee of a 12% to 22% profit. In 2009 when we first got into the authority site side of the business I made it a point to model Google’s customer service division. The funny thing is Google doesn’t have a customer service division. It didn’t work out so well. Ken explains why customers need to be heard.

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