Hey guys Ken Courtright here with Today’s Growth Growing Business Today this may be my world record shortest podcast. Sometimes the devil is in the details. I was just reminded this week that we set an appointment at 6:35am awhile back. The gist of the story goes something like this. We were running a radio ad on the East Coast, a person heard the ad, went to the domain call the number on the domain and called. Low and behold we had a live operator and we set up an appointment for the next day at 6:35am, 7:35 EST. The moral to this story is that we had just taken this website from a mobile ready website to a fully mobile reactive site. The theme is call Avada. No matter what platform you are on, phone, iPad, Samsung Tab you can see all of the pertinent information. Videos, ads, lead gen are all available via mobile. When this person was driving because of how simple it was to navigate they were able to call and make an appointment with us. We ran the ad in a west coast time zone which was a cheaper rate but bounced the call to a rep that was on the east coast. The moral to this story is make sure you stay abreast of changes to your web platform.

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