To experience unconventional growth, sometimes you have to get the vision from other industries about your exact same problems which they may already have solved. In the fifties, a company was struggling with how they could improve the service of their restaurant. They did a two-day immersion in the banking industry. The guy got in his car, drove around, looked at banks and interviewed tellers. He drove to the third bank, half of the building looked like it was hit by a tornado and it was under construction. He walked up to the construction and asked what’s going on. They go, “We’re adding a customer service window.” The guy then goes outside the rain and said, “People are going to walk up to this in the rain?” They said, “No. They’re going to a drive-through and make their deposits. We’re going to give them their receipt through a drive-through window.” The guy got into his car, drove back to the corporate, blew the speed limit and stop signs, and he goes, “I’ve got it. We’re going to have a drive-through window to our restaurants and serve food faster. We’re going to be known for fast food.” The rest is history.

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