Is there a special type of marketing, production, or research and development where you might be struggling right now financially? Do you need an edge over a competitor? You may want to consider carving out overseas to get strategic. From a vision standpoint, people in other countries view your product, your marketing challenges, and your whole company and the position of your company within its landscape different than you in the US. Everything about it is healthy. It’s a different opinion. It’s a different take. Some of these people are light years behind us in technology and thinking. Some of them are light years ahead of us in talent, time, energy and vision. That gives them a unique vantage point. It’s time to go overseas and get some of that vision. Remember, three from one. For every one single individual you have in the US, you can get three people overseas. To truly service our customer better, we should go with a better solution for the same dollar.

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