In a protein-based ketosis based diet, you go for a period of two or three days in a row where you take in less than 30 to 40 grams of carbs. When your body is in ketosis, it burns fat first and you’re losing one to four pounds of fat a week. When you do a legitimate ketosis diet, you don’t have to change anything but what you eat and your body is built to burn fat. However, our mind and body does and can play tricks on us. Starting a ketosis diet, you may find yourself digging into a carb here or there once in a while. What this has to do with business is everything. This is how a ketosis business growth works. Cutting out sugar and carbs in general is like having a business meeting with seven other people at a restaurant and you only order chicken breast and green beans. It is a change in complete habit and complete discipline when you get to a point where you would never want to order anything but a chicken breast and green beans, no matter what party you’re at and no matter who’s drinking and what’s eaten around you. Within two to three days, after studying which marketing arms or potential lead sources you want to try, one of the three you try is going to generate leads like you’ve never seen before.

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