Imagine a portfolio of website grow in the number of domains to manage, in the number of people to manage, in the number of processes to manage. The bigger it gets, the bigger the valleys between departments get. The bigger miscommunication it gets, the bigger the misunderstanding of a process it gets. What every company that’s growing quickly has to do is self-inflicted pain. You’ve got to surgically cut out areas that are inefficient. Many times, this is just a tool on an annual basis. No matter what you have, whether it’s a single product, you’re just trying to ramp up salespeople, whether you’ve got nine divisions and you’re doing a billion a year, you’re going to find gaping holes of inefficiency. Think about every product and every employee like a part of our body. If you get gangrene, you’ve got to cut your foot off or you’re going to lose your whole leg. Learn some tips on how you can remove proven inefficiency which can be quite often painful.

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