SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s simply setting the stage and continually looking at what techniques get websites on page one the fastest and what makes them stick there. The two types of SEO that’s going to be discussed here are on-site or on-page SEO and off-site SEO. SEO is basically math, and mathematicians that masquerade as marketers for internet websites run on-page SEO. They are mainly concerned with keyword density, anchor texts, meta-tags or meta-descriptions and everything else that makes up the physical quality of the site. Off-site SEO is completely different in that there’s very little concern to the physical construction/load speed so much as partnering. They’re concerned with creating content for a partner that they could put on their website that would actually link back to their site in exchange. Some of the biggest sites are actually doing strategic partnership type of marketing. You might want to ask yourself, are you mainly concerned with on-page like most companies are or is it time to start thinking offsite SEO?

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