Hi! I’m Liam. Even though I’m only 13 years old, I have PTSD. I started putting together the idea for Chaotic Spyder Foundation when I was 11 to help other kids like me; to gain control over their PTSD instead of it controlling them. There are so many more of us than you would think and we don’t get the attention because we are not soldiers or adults. PTSD affects us differently than it does them. Our website has (and will have) lots of useful information for families as well as for kids themselves about childhood PTSD and what it’s like having it; as well as what it is like living with a service dog (my dog Einstein is THE BEST!)

Why should you care about all this?
Chaotic Spyder Foundation partners with rescues around the country to help identify dogs in high kill shelters and overcrowded rescues that would make great PTSD service dogs. We then train them (with the most amazing trainer) and get them to the kids who need them so they can go back to doing what they should be doing ~ being kids!
We also have a grant program for this amazing therapy program in West Virginia that is geared just towards kids like us so kids can get the help they need and families don’t have the burden to worry about the cost.

I was one of the lucky ones. My mom was able to locate a fantastic dog (love you Einstein) and get him trained (thank you Mr. David! you ROCK!) so that I could start to live a normal life again and be more in control of my PTSD instead of having it control me. It takes a TON of money to train and rasie a service dog and I know how much my mom went through to get me mine. To think where I’d be without him…I never want another family to have to worry about that kind of thing. So please join me in the goal to untangle the sticky web of childhood PTSD. Follow us. Join our mailing list to keep up to date on our newest happenings and those regarding childhood PTSD research and therapies. Donate.

Together we can help kids suffering regain their lives and control over their PTSD so they can get back to doing what they should be ~ being kids. Thanks!

Chaotic Sypder Foundation is a New Jersey Not for Profit Corporation. Additionally, CSF is a certified 501c3 charity with the federal government, so all your donations are tax deductible.