The Internet of Things, or IoT as kids call it these days, is so disruptive. We’ve got things now like Alexa, smart appliances, the Amazon Dash Button, and apps like Yummly that will prepare your meal for you. The IoT, as far as household appliances, is starting to reach a place where it really makes a lot of sense. Part of our job as executives is to figure out the technology and exploit it in a way that our current customers are going to say yes to. Chris Voss says the IoT can be an interesting challenge. We’ve got a lot of different things to think about like how do we use it, how do we make money from it, and how do we secure ourselves from it? More importantly, part of the question is what does the IoT bring to our lives? Chris is a powerhouse in the world of podcasting and social media. He shares his insights into the world of the Internet of Things which has a massive impact on how we are going to be creating and consuming data.