On today’s episode, we speak with Dave Farrow, CEO of Farrow Communications, and creator of The Farrow Memory Method. Dave talks to us about how he created his life-changing memory method and discusses techniques for improving your memory.

Dave Farrow is the two-time Guinness Record holder for greatest memory and the CEO of Farrow Communications. To earn the world record, Farrow recalled the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards using ‘The Farrow Memory Method’. This method was originally invented to combat Farrow’s dyslexia and ADHD and is now a unique memory system backed by a double-blind neuroscience study at McGill University. He is first and foremost an entrepreneur who mastered PR to promote his own business. He took his skill in memory and developed several educational products and used PR as his primary sales tool. His results are impressive. He has been a featured guest expert on over 2000 interviews in the media including, The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Steve Harvey, Discovery Channel and many others.