Podcast Set-Up

Niche Research

This Research is Optional, But Recommended

Brainstorm Your Topic or Niche

1. What topics can you talk about for hours?
2. Who will listen to this topic? Get detailed. Make a listener avatar.
3. Can you interview others with high profiles and following on this topic?

Then, Research Your Niche

1. Research your topics on iTunes.
2. Build a Clip Folder
3. Subscribe and Save Episodes

TOOL LINK:Awesome Screenshot: Capture, Annotate for Chrome Browser – make sure to use the Extension version, not the App.

For additional help conducting your niche research, watch the video below to learn some best practices.

Podcast Name & Description

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Podcast Cover Art

Cover Art

This form is used to submit a cover art creation request to our team.
  • Please describe what you are looking for as your cover art. If you have images you would like our team to incorporate into your cover art such as a head shot, logo or other image you have purchased please indicate how you would like those images incorporated. Our team will create your artwork based on this description.
  • Please upload any files you may want us to reference or use in your cover art.
  • Please upload any files you may want us to reference or use in your cover art.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

Intro and Outro Music

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Podcast Intro and Outro Script

Intro & Outro Tips:

  • Less is more 15 seconds at most

  • Repetition can equal annoyance

  • Custom intros are nice, but tedious

  • Sequence is critical

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Recording Training

Please set up your equipment, Microphone, headphones, and try to test on your computer using Skype or Zoom.

Make sure your computer’s hardware settings, and Skype or Zoom, are adjusted and set for using your microphone.


Recording with Zoom

Recording with Skype

Test your equipment, and your recording process using Zencastr and Skype. Call a friend or email us and arrange to call and test it with us over Skype for 5-10 minutes.

Download and print out the Recording Checklist. If you will record using a different process or software, then make up your own Checklist and print it out for you to have on hand each time you record a podcast.

Podcast Web Page Design

Please be sure to indicate any likes or to dislikes to us, in the notes field of the form below, based on what you have seen on these podcast pages.

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Please create an account on your wordpress website with the username “Brandcasters” and email “wplogin@brandcastingyou.com”. We will use this user account to create your podcast page on your website.

Please check out these podcast pages we have set up for other clients.

Podcast Syndication

Once you have recorded your first 3 episodes and given us the date you want your podcast to go live, you will see your syndication links populate in the fields to the left.

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Additional Best Practice Videos

Practice recording your own voice, even if it is on your smart phone voice recorder. If you want to record a message or question to us go ahead. If you send it to us we will give you feedback and/or answer you.

Evaluate your recording environment, and make decisions on how to improve it before you start recording podcast episodes.


Schedule Once


Acuity Scheduling

Wisestamp email signature

Here is an example of a Wisestamp we use:


Set-Up a private calendar for your editorial plan, decide what calendar program to use.

Plan between four and eight weeks of episode ideas depending on how many podcasts you plan to publish per week.

Identify eight potential guests that you would like to target for interviews.

OPTIONAL: Draft a cold call email to solicit guests.

Set up a guest scheduling calendar.

Draft your own email templates for guest communication

Review the recommendations for an Episode Outline, and Anatomy of a Podcast.

Here are links to download the Guest Email Examples.

Plan your website for your podcast, this could be adding the podcast and episode blogs to your existing site, or creating a new site just for your podcast and episode blogs.

Important links discussed:

Duplicate Post

Yoast SEO


Smart Podcast Player

Example Web Sites:

Feed Your Brand

3D Startpoint

Successful Pitch

The Unshacked Owner

Tracy held a Facebook Live Social Master Class in 10/25. We have reposed it here for your convenience.

Review Social Media DIY Guide and plan your own Social Media strategy.