Hi, my name is Nancy Ball, Founder and President of CK Animal Rescue. I have always loved animals since I can remember. Having pets while growing up and later on when my family was home. Once our children were grown and having families of their own, I started reading about the plight of senior dogs in shelters. In August 2008, I was on a mission…..to save one senior dog from our local shelter. Senior dogs are often overlooked because potential adopters have a fear the animal will have health issues resulting in high vet bills or the senior dog may not live long and they don’t want the heartbreak. One dog caught my attention at our local shelter. His name was Oscar, a senior Collie/Retriever mix who instantly became part of our family. We adopted him within four days of seeing his gorgeous face. His personality was gentle, kind and loving. He went to work with us every day until he became ill. We lost Oscar due to kidney failure on February 1, 2010. Oscar lived a wonderful life during his time with us and we miss him every single day. Ending up in a shelter for a senior dog is devastating. This is not the way a senior dog’s life of loyal dedication and love should end. Please consider giving a senior dog a warm bed to live out the rest of his/her life.

Shortly after creating an account on Facebook, I started seeing pictures of dogs on urgent lists, meaning they had little time to be adopted or rescued. After reading plea after plea for a group of dogs in Missouri, I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. I personally sponsored the rescue of 14 dogs from a shelter in Joplin, Missouri. Another rescue came forward with the donation paid and saved all 14 dogs, 5 who later came to my home where I found wonderful families for each one.

This created a sense of urgency where I wanted to do more. After placing messages on Kijiji to ask if anyone in my area shared the same compassion as I did to form a local rescue, we had our first orientation meeting in October 2010. It has taken a lot of time and work, with the help of many dedicated volunteers, to form our new rescue organization, CK Animal Rescue. I’m very proud of our accomplishments since that first meeting where a small group of animal lovers came forward to hear what I had to say about my passion to save dogs from high kill shelters. I will be forever grateful.