Best Podcast Equipment

Best Podcast Equipment Recommendations

Choosing the best podcast equipment is essential to the quality of your podcast audio and proportional to the amount of work required to edit your podcast as well. Poor audio in means more work to get a good sounding podcast out. While you can podcast with your computer or smartphone and a call recorder, it is not recommended and not what we teach in our 30 Day Podcast Launch Accelerator. We definitely don’t set-up our Done-For-You clients with just a phone either! We want you to sound like a market authority and build business expertise and credibility. Sounding like a pro is a requirement.

That being said, our list of the best podcast equipment below are not high-priced. These are what we personally use and have recommended to many clients. While the best podcast equipment doesn’t have to be the most expensive, some of you will want better looking stands or some of you audiophiles will want more controls. So, we have added some links to additional higher end options as well.

NOTE: If you are planning a co-host style podcast – two hosts in the same location with an interview guest – then please follow the Co-Host Equipment recommendations below.

Best Podcast Equipment Recommendations:

The minimum required podcast equipment are a quality microphone with windscreen & a stand plus separated headphones. You can use earbuds or other headphones that you may already have, BUT DO NOT USE headphones with a built-in microphone.

[col3 ] Audio-Technica Microphone with Table Stand

[/col3][col3 ] Foam Ball Windscreen

[/col3][col3 ] Sony Professional Headphones



Alternate Stand/Mount Recommendations:

There are many alternate stand options out there for your particular set-up. Our recommended mic comes with one but for some podcasters, it is a little lightweight. Optional stand mounts are as follows:
[col2 ]

Samson MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand

[/col2][col2 ] Quik Release Desk Microphone Stand



Alternate Boom-Style Mount Recommendations:

If you want a Boom-Style mount, please buy both these items – the scissor-arm mount and the shock mount attachment.

[col2 ] NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

[/col2][col2 ] Neewer® Black Universal Microphone Shock Mount



Equipment Recommendations for Co-Host Style Podcast:

Be sure to buy two of all the standard recommended equipment – microphone plus stand, windscreen and headphones. The additional piece of equipment shown below allows you to connect two microphones to your computer. In addition, we use an audio mixing board, which is much more complicated, but allows us to level our audios and record more professional quality audio. If you want to go this route, we will consult with you to evaluate exactly what you need.

Behringer UMC202HD U-Phoria USB Audio Interface