A lot of times, we hear from the higher learning institutions saying, “We want to go online, but we don’t know how to go about doing it.” Dr. Jeff Bordes and Dr. Maja Zelihic of Astria Learning say as they traveled through the world, a few requirements that we have are not necessarily resource requirements that translate into money. The requirement is more on the willingness to embrace new technology, adapt to a change, and willingness to take that jump into a different type of a setting. Dr. Jeff Bordes is the CEO of Astria Learning. He specializes in E-learning solutions, client development, and business development. Astria Learning is currently providing IT solutions in nine countries and working with 208 institutions. Dr. Maja Zelihic is part of the educational team at Astria Learning and is a part-time lecturer at the University of Zambia in Africa for their MBA program that uses Astria’s learning platform. They share that the fear of the unknown can be pretty powerful, however, at the end of the day, they have a lot of programs, especially some of the government institutions who have historically been funded by government able to generate their own revenue and create sustainability.

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