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Get Fundable

Are you f*able, or just plain f’d? Have you ever walked into a bank and the second you mention what your business is, you are denied because of either the risk associated with your business or some other thing that you’re not even aware of? If you are that business owner, entrepreneur, or real estate investor who’s been denied too many times, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and listen to this podcast so you can start working on making yourself fundable.
Hosted by personal and business fundability expert Merrill Chandler, GET FUNDABLE! Podcast gives the answers and solutions to why Lenders may not be jumping up and down to give you money. When you become more fundable, you automatically put yourself in a position to get the money you need to do your deals. Join us right here on GET FUNDABLE! Podcast.

Not having the money to scale your business or to do deals when they come across your table can literally be soul-crushing but 100% avoidable if you are fundable! With the current automatic underwriting and risk analytics systems, 80% of funding approvals for YOUR BUSINESS are based on YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT PROFILE.
At GetFundable.com we have the solution to help the unfundable become fundable! Get answers to funding questions that you didn’t even know you should ask. Get a look behind the curtain at the inner workings of the funding approval system. Have the bankers and the credit system playbooks so you can easily navigate the funding process.

Merrill Chandler is a High-Performance Fundability Coach at GetFundable.com (powered by CreditSense). Over 25 years ago, Merrill Chandler—co-founder of Lexington Law Firm—became dissatisfied with the ineffective results of credit repair alone. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of borrower behavior profiles, FICO® scoring metrics, and lender underwriting requirements, he developed a process that could ‘optimize’ a consumer’s borrower behavior AND improve a borrower’s “fundability.” He founded GetFundable.com to deliver this revolutionary technology to real estate investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs nationwide. Merrill has helped thousands of borrowers become more FUNDABLE and help them access the capital they need to fulfill their financial dreams.
The cool thing is that when you are fundable, it helps you to be able to pass through Lender automatic underwriting processes without the risk of getting a manual review from an individual that can deny you or look for reasons to deny you, when an automatic underwriting system would actually be able to qualify you.

With client fundings of over $103,000,000 over the last few years, Merrill’s team has been able to help every type of entrepreneur, business owner, or real estate investor get in a position to be fundable and ultimately be able to accomplish what they need for the growth of their companies.
How much does being unfundable cost you per year? How many more deals could you do if you knew the underwriting secrets to getting funding from top-tier banks? Merrill always says, “You can’t win a game unless you know the rules.” Know what the lender guidelines are before you apply and optimize your fundability by getting your borrower profile and business profile in alignment with lending approval criteria.

Join Merrill every week here as he dives into funding secrets and shares his insights on things that are happening today, things that are part of the credit system, and things that can help you become more fundable.
He will also be featuring guest interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have mastered the Funding Game as well as business owners who are growing and optimizing their businesses using the principles of fundability.
Remember…You are just ONE approval away.
It’s your turn to Get Fundable! because you certainly can be when you join us!

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