Do you want to know even more about chronic pain? Well, you are going to learn some new and useful things! Dr. Avinash Ramchandani joins us to talk about chronic pain and what are the factors that cause it. He is also reflecting on what does he take into account when he treats a patient and gives a little advice to those who are dealing with chronic pain in their daily lives.

Dr. Avinash Ramchandani is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain management. He received his B.A. Molecular in Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. After residency, he completed his fellowship in Pain Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Ramchandani incorporates pain procedures, nutrition, exercises, and medications to customize treatment options for patients in pain. He enjoys being on the cutting edge of proven treatments for pain management and believes in optimizing the functional being so that pain is controlled and people may live with the highest degree of dignity.