We’re headed out to Wisconsin and we’re gonna talk to Zach Haas. And Zach’s with Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resources. http://www.wisconsinlpr.com/

Zach, welcome to the show.

Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resources
Yup. Glad to be here.

Zach and I have been talking about water. What’s so special about water? Well, the Earth is made up of water, human beings are made up of water, and the deer we hunt are made up of water and need water, as we do, to survive. So having said that, Zach is a Senior Aquatic Biologist. He knows his stuff and I’m so glad that John O’Brien from Grandpa Ray Outdoors gave me a shout out. Said, “Hey man, get Zach on because he knows something about water.” Which I don’t. You know, I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt places where there’s plenty of water and it wasn’t an issue. Well, it might be on your property and so that’s why Zach’s here today. Zach, tell us about why water is important for a healthy whitetail herd.

Yup. So I’ll start with the basics and kind of get crazy, and I might nerd out here a little bit on water. So the basics. What does everything living need? It needs food, cover, and water. And water is the most overlooked thing on most property and most properties don’t have water. Especially if you get out of areas like Minnesota-Wisconsin. We have a lot of water. When you start getting in areas like Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, you start getting into areas that don’t have a lot of fresh water, you’re starting to actually see less successes in that way.

You know, so whenever you get water on properties the goal is to get them that third element that they all need. Right? You know, it’s just a matter of you give them that element, now it’s a matter of making it the right element and the way I bring that up is there’s a lot of bad water out there. Possibly the biggest thing that’s striking most, actually, of the country. You go to the Dakotas, out west, Iowa, we have EHD issues. Now that stems from poor water quality. You know, so obviously the EHD midge loves poor water quality. So our goal is to show land managers, show hunters, show conservationists how do I get the right healthy water. You know, so that’s my goal here. That’s kind of where  out of my work more recently because being a big hunter, it’s been a passion that’s a good combination for me.